Experienced Mens Waxing.  For all men's waxing from Backs to Full Body to Men's Brazilian. Where there's hair I'll wax.Max 4 Wax  has operated in Surfers Paradise since 1994 from a home based studio.

No my name isnt Max (its Michael)...just an easy way for you to remember me. In establishing this service in 1994 I felt, at the time, there were many men that didnt feel comfortable going into a womens salon and this probably is still true today even though mens waxing is far more acceptable and popular.

My modern home based air conditioned studio is very handily located in Southport of Cotlew Street 5 minutes from Chevron Island and am available from 8am to 6.30pm 7 days a week. Open everyday over holiday period

 I operate strictly 'by appointment' only.Running late please let me know. Thanks

I only use top qualitity waxes and products after years of trialling many lines. I work with either hot or strip wax.Hot Wax  is thicker and applied directly to the skin and then pulled off and is used for more heavily haired areas and is much less painful than using Strip Wax.This is applied thinly and then removed by pressing a cloth over the wax  pulling  quickly. Used mainly for arms and legs or a very lightly haired back. Very rarely, if ever do I use on chest and stomach and never on a brazilian wax prefering to use Hot. I can help you with advice on post wax care.

You should arrive for your appointment freshly showered and clean. Complimentary shower facilities available if required.I dont pretend that waxing isnt painful but using top quality products, along with experience considerably helps to lessen discomfort. The initial waxing will hurt more than regular follow up treatments as the hair is more firmly 'anchored'. Depending on the individual regular waxing should be undertaken every 6 to 8 weeks. It may take a couple of treatments  as hair growth is cyclical and not all hair grows at the same time.Over a period of time the hair will weaken with regular treatments. Many of my long term clents now come less frequently as the hair growth, strength and density has lessened considerably. In many cases its now only  approximately every 3 months.

If you train regularly it is important to time your waxing so that the following day or two are rest days as this helps minimise infections as sweating opens the pores up  allowing  dirt in.They close up after a few days.

Ph 0417 1927 55